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Hello guys! Welcome to the American Idol Tour 2008 Livejournal Community!

Just a few reminders before we get this party started:

~ No intense bashing of the Idols allowed! :) May there be peace in here especially since this is a general AI community. Please make sure that you follow this very important rule as it may lead to member quarrels which leads me to the next rule.
~ Be kind to the other members of the community. Let us please respect each other's opinions. If there are any issues that you find hard to handle, please take it to your own personal journals. LJ has a messaging service which you can VERY MUCH use and it can be found HERE.

2) TAGS and POSTS:
~ Please tag ALL of your entries properly for easy browsing and organization. :) List of tags can be found in the Community Tag Page.
~ Before posting news/updates/spoilers, please make sure that they have not been posted yet to avoid duplication.
~ Spoilers (regarding the performances or what not) should be posted under a cut. Clueless on how to do that? Here is the LJ Cut FAQ Page.
~ When posting large photos, please resize them to fit the screen properly or better yet, place them under a cut.

~ Looking for new inter-fanbase friends? Here is The Friending Meme.
~ Still clueless about the tour schedule? Here is the AI7 Tour Schedule.
~ Wanna meet up with fellow fans in a certain venue? Here is the Meet-up Post with a specific comment thread for each venue.

Feel free to contact your mods for any question/comment/suggestion/marriage proposal whatsoever. :)
Have fun and let's get this party started! *confetti*

Mpreg Big Bang!!!

Hi people, i just wanted to let everyone know that there's a brand new multifandom Mpreg Big Bang!!!
[Thanks phantisma *_________________*]

Artist Sign Up
[Close on October 31st. Author Sign Up is closed]

Please sign up, because mpregbb REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs Artists!

Characters and or Pairings of this Fandom so far. American Idol 8: Kris/Adam

Crossover: Supernatural Rps/American Idol 8, Jensen/Jared, Adam/Kris - American Idol season 7/The Anthemics, Neal Tiemann/David Archuleta

This is a list of Fandoms, including this one, Characters and or Pairings so far: http://elenies-mind.deviantart.com/art/Mpreg-Big-Bang-256943721


In celebration of Michael Johns' birthday on October 20th, we will be rallying up the MJ fans to help trend a topic for his birthday, as a little birthday surprise.

Make sure this is posted on Twitter to help get the word out before the 20th of October. Be sure to post it EXACTLY like the text below:


Please see to it that this gets re-tweeted to as many MJ fans as possible.

The OFFICIAL times are:

October 20th
7pm Eastern, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific

October 21st
10am Sydney, 7am Singapore, 6am Jakarta

Please be sure to follow the poster's rules and guidelines for posting the hashtag. Any questions, direct them at @mjohnsonline, @cakelulu or @westlifebunny over at Twitter.

ALSO. This must be kept on the downlow and not be shared with Michael Johns nor his wife Stacey or management.

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Tulsa Tickets For Sale -- Center Floor

I have two tickets for the Tulsa show on the 13th for sale.

(Last stop of the tour, as you all know)

They're on the floor, section F4, Row P, Seats 11 and 12. (smack in the middle of the arena -- seating chart?) Great chance to upgrade if you weren't able to score floor seats for the sold out show (or just move up if you're further back).

okay. so, like, i know i have been to two shows already, but i never pay attention to the way the seats and rows are, but since i'm going to tulsa, and i just realized how good my seats appear to be, does anyone know with the catwalk about what number row row J would be?

(maybe i can make that sentence a little more disjointed next time, rofl)


I was wondering if anyone had mp3s from the tour of the different idols? I know we have the audio of David C over in davidcookai7, but are there any places to get mp3s of the others? Thanks, and now the tour is almost over, 2 weeks left...

kc tour report

Hey, all! I decided to type up my tour experience for y'all to read. I had a great time!

The Show
The Buses (Day One)
The Buses (Day Two)

WARNING: This post rambles and is a little bit of a tl;dr. Read at your own risk ;)

Dallas 8/25/08 a little later than normal

Alright, so this is a couple of days late but I had work and then I got sick.. and I'm blaming both Archuleta and Castro who seemed to be sick both on the day of and the day after the show and they were the only ones I saw that day anyways. haha. :D

We missed out on getting there early enough to catch all the idols so I only have a couple of pictures of Archie and Castro outside the venue and the rest are from the show. Clearly I didn't figure out my camera settings until right after Michael left, which is why there is only 3 photos of Michael (!!!!!!) and almost 60 of David. I did some light fixes to these and I reduced them from roughtly 3000 pixels to about 650.. which means these are actually huge photos, so if you use these in something, I'd appreciate a mention somewhere. It did take a lot of effort to take the pictures and even more to sort through them all since I initially had 300+ images and weeded it down to 144. :) I got some really nice ones of Carly and Marly! and some really fairly decent ones of everyone, though my Cook ones are probably my best. Though I am partial to the couple of Jason with the Texas flag! :D

So, with all that said... enjoy the photos and I have a couple of videos on my youtube (including the Mavid Dance in HQ!):

amyshaped's AI Dallas - 08/25/2008 pictures. again, almost 60 of them are just David Cook.

The Mavid Dance. Don't forget to "watch in high quality". I also have David and David doing Yeager's move.. and just a video of Michael dancing.
Hey, everyone!

My friend and I have 3 individual seats in section 2 (the front, center floor section) for the 9/7 Providence, RI show to sell:

Section 2, Row G (that should be row #7; see seating chart under the cut), Seat 10
Section 2, Row J (that should be row #10), Seat 3
Section 2, Row J (that should be row #10), Seat 12

If you're looking for two tickets, you could try asking people to slide over in row J so you can sit together. ;) That's what we were planning to do.

Seating chart, prices, and contact info below the cut!Collapse )