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Hello guys! Welcome to the American Idol Tour 2008 Livejournal Community!

Just a few reminders before we get this party started:

~ No intense bashing of the Idols allowed! :) May there be peace in here especially since this is a general AI community. Please make sure that you follow this very important rule as it may lead to member quarrels which leads me to the next rule.
~ Be kind to the other members of the community. Let us please respect each other's opinions. If there are any issues that you find hard to handle, please take it to your own personal journals. LJ has a messaging service which you can VERY MUCH use and it can be found HERE.

2) TAGS and POSTS:
~ Please tag ALL of your entries properly for easy browsing and organization. :) List of tags can be found in the Community Tag Page.
~ Before posting news/updates/spoilers, please make sure that they have not been posted yet to avoid duplication.
~ Spoilers (regarding the performances or what not) should be posted under a cut. Clueless on how to do that? Here is the LJ Cut FAQ Page.
~ When posting large photos, please resize them to fit the screen properly or better yet, place them under a cut.

~ Looking for new inter-fanbase friends? Here is The Friending Meme.
~ Still clueless about the tour schedule? Here is the AI7 Tour Schedule.
~ Wanna meet up with fellow fans in a certain venue? Here is the Meet-up Post with a specific comment thread for each venue.

Feel free to contact your mods for any question/comment/suggestion/marriage proposal whatsoever. :)
Have fun and let's get this party started! *confetti*

Tulsa Tickets for sale

I figured I would post this here before I put them up on a ticket site or eBay.

Sept 13, 2008. BOK Center Tulsa Oklahoma. American Idols Live.

Floor seats. Section F5, Row A, seats 4 & 5. This is the MAVID side of the stage, second section on the floor. I have the actual hard copy of the tickets.

I bought these on eBay and would like to recover some of the money since we've upgraded our seats. AGAIN. If you're interested, please comment or drop me a PM.

Also for anyone planning the whole crazy Tulsa concert, KC Chiefs game, we have two seats for the football game to sell too.
Hey all, does anyone have an HQ picture of the one used in this ad from ticketmaster? I've searched every idol website that I feel like it should be housed on and haven't come up with it anywhere.

under the cut so you don't think there's an ad in the middle of the page :)Collapse )

Tickets for Dallas - TONIGHT! Floor seats

Hey guys, does anyone need tickets (or know someone who does) for the show tonight in Dallas at the AAC? I have:

Section 13, Row G, Seats 1 and 2

Seating Chart Behind the CutCollapse )

I'm just asking face value for them -- $68.50 a piece - - and I don't have to sell them together. I'll be at the venue early to meet up if anyone wants these.

If you're interested, you can email me at: bucketsofcrazy@tmail.com or text me at 903-422-5765.

Tickets for KC & Tulsa

Hey guys! I have two sets of 2 tickets that I'm not using. Not sure if anyone still needs or is looking for tickets, but I'd thought I'd offer.

Kansas City - 08.30.08
Floor 1, Row 19, Seats 11 & 12

Tulsa - 09.13.08
Floor 4, Row N

Selling them for exactly what I bought them for. Email me at 1horse@optonline.net if you're interested. I'd really like to see them go to fans.

Aug. 20th, 2008

hey guys, is anyone selling tickets for tulsa? i figured i'd ask here before i buy them from ticketmaster :]

media post

Have fun folks! :]


Ticket for Sale - Sun, Aug 17

I'm not sure if this is allowed but, I have a ticket that I can not use.


media post


Hai guys! Here is the media post for today... a lot of the posts are looking pretty empty, so don't forget to come back and share your experiences on the corresponding show post! :]


Hey, I'm going to the Philly show, and I plan on meeting the gang. I won't be able to get there until about 4:30-5:00, so I'm guessing I won't see the Idols before the show. I'm hoping to meet them afterward, and I'm wondering about how long after the show do they come out? And will I really get to meet them? I really want to, but I'm worried I'll miss out! This probably sounds ridiculous, but I need some hope and encouragement! 




Alrighty, last one. Have fun at the shows, everyone!